Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!

It’s hot… and getting hotter.  If you are not at your home right now in Festival Ranch, be sure you have a house sitter or friend make sure the irrigation clock is on and working. Homes that have irrigation clocks on the WEST side of the house are more susceptible to failure due to the direct afternoon sunlight.

Regardless of where it’s located, the heat takes a huge toll on your irrigation clock. Since we’re only at the house once every 4 – 8 weeks, it’s imperative that you have someone checking on your irrigation in between services!

I saw a post I had written on Facebook from a year ago, it said, “Today was so dang HOT. It was not a day to be working outside and yet I did. I’m BEAT. To all those who do this on a regular basis…you should make what guys in the NFL or NBA make and they should make what day laborers make – that seems much more fair.”  

Next Week’s Forecast:

Monday – 118       Tuesday – 117      Wednesday – 114    Thursday – 114     Friday – 114

Our crews bust their butts out there in this heat, day in and day out.  I salute you my friends!  None of us can do this work in the heat without passing out or getting very sick. Forecast




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