Heat and Patience

It’s hot…very hot.  We’re all a little less patient in the heat and we don’t have time for shenanigans.  Whether we’re rushing to the store or waiting for our yard to get done, things can get frustrating in an instant when we’re hot and tired.  Times sure have changed.  We now live in an era of instant gratification and when you add heat into that mix it’s a recipe for disaster.

552b7de4b9054bbb7a640603e44d2f30--cowboy-western-western-artRecently I’ve had the pleasure of watching a lot of Cowboys ushering in and out of Prescott (AKA, home of the World’s Oldest Rodeo).  I noticed how happy they all were and how kind and considerate they were to one another.  Some looked exhausted, but they still took time to be considerate to one another.  They didn’t seem rushed and they took the time to stop, shake another mans hand, and talk for a moment.  From all appearances, these Cowboys were patiently and kindly moving through life.  Like us, they have issues and problems, but they still remembered to stop and be kind to others.  It was beautiful to watch.

A reality check came quick for me as my phone started alerting me to emails.  Employees started calling with questions and issues they needed assistance with.  All of which is ok, that’s just a part of business and life.  This did make me realize though that understanding others needs, including employees, is essential to our operation.

These past few weeks have been incredibly hard on our crews and it’s not letting up anytime soon.   The heat has been excessive and the challenges in the yards have trying.  The heat is taking a toll on everyone’s yards.  If the service is only being performed every 8 weeks, the yard appears stressed because it’s been awhile since we’ve been there to adjust irrigation and check watering systems.

The Foremen and crew members are suffering from heat exhaustion.  They’ve actually d5bb758f7378e79fef38b21dae02f80cbecome physically ill on some days.  They desperately seek water to put on their heads to cool down when they’re dizzy and sick.  If they’ve used your water without permission, I apologize.  I did receive a complaint about this and I can assure you it was not with malicious intent that they have done this.  I’m sure it was just desperation during extreme heat.

While having your yard maintained, if you notice that we’ve missed trimming something, there’s debris left somewhere, or any other issue you think needs attentionPLEASE let us fix it!  Shoot me an email – this is the ABSOLUTE best way to get in touch with us.  I’ll have the guys back the very next day to get it fixed.  Just know that if something was missed, it was not intentional.  Sometimes we get tunnel vision in the heat and we can miss something.  Regardless, we’ll always make it right.

We realize that not all issues can be resolved with one email or one visit, sometimes troubleshooting can take a bit to resolve.  However, patience is key.  Whether it’s employees, customers, family, friends, or strangers, we need to take the time to show patience and understanding with each others needs.  We’ll do our absolute best to help out when there’s an issue, we just need a chance to do it.  Write to us, having and email is the best way for us to follow up and make sure nothing is forgotten.

For all those out there who have shown us patience, we truly appreciate it!  Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.  Your kind emails and commendations when a job is well done are greatly appreciated.  The crews need to hear this, as do we.  If I could I’d reach out and shake your hand right now – thanking your for taking the time to work with us.  We appreciate your patience when things aren’t perfect, we always want to know when we can make things better.  Thank you for giving us that chance!


Food For Thought…


Ever write a review about a company without stopping to give them the benefit of the doubt in the situation?  I have, and I wish I hadn’t.  Everyone – and I do mean EVERYONE – has tough times.  No one is immune to difficulties in their personal and business life.

Before chastising any business publicly, ask yourself, “Did they hurt me in a way I will not recover from?”  “Is the damage permanent and irreparable?”  “Is the public in danger if I do not warn them?”

No?  Then stop, cool off, and decide if you can simply move on.  There is probably a lot more to the story than you may realize but unless they are your close personal friend, you won’t know what’s happening in their life or with their business.

Good advice from TheProvince.com says, “Often, when someone thinks about writing a negative review it’s because they had a bad experience and are very upset. This can cause you to writ

e something really nasty that you regret. The best thing to do is wait a day and revisit your decision to write a review.


“If this is malice, if you’re angry, walk away from your keyboard now,” Festinger said. “Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. Walk away because you can’t write a review.”


Jan Zeschky, beer and food writer for The Province, said his approach when writing reviews is to be balanced.

“The overall tone of a review can be negative, but it should also offer at least a couple of balancing positives. If there are few or absolutely no positives, I try to give some constructive suggestions on how something could be improved.”

If the experience was truly awful, Zeschky suggests discussing the situation with the vendor or venue before posting anything online.

“It’s likely something has gone wrong with the product or experience you’re reviewing that isn’t representative of what the company offers 99.9 per cent of the time,” he said.

So, that’s today’s food for thought. Be kind.  Be understanding.  Give people the benefit of the doubt.  That kind of good karma will always come back to you!