Summer’s Almost Over!

Summer is brutal in the Valley.  We’re almost through the worst of it.  That being said, it really takes its toll on everyone, especially those working in the heat.  We’ve been in business almost 3000 days and of that we’ve had to close for about 5 days.  This has been for various reasons, mostly due to health issues.

Last week we had to close for a day due to the heat catching up with everyone.  It was humid and 108 – 110+Corn degrees – a lethal combination for working outside.  For that we’re very sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused some homeowners.

Josh always tells me that I’ve made us look like a “big business” through our website, blogs, communications, and ability to respond rapidly.  Sometimes I think this causes some to forget it’s just me in the office, and one crew in the field!  We’ve chosen at this time to keep the business small so we’re able to keep things simpler for everyone.  The bigger the business gets, the harder it is for two people to manage.  Our crew does an awesome job and we truly appreciate their hard work.

We truly thank all of our homeowners for your business and continued patronage with our small size!

As soon as summer is over, the days will be shorter, cooler, and easier to attend to all the needs of our customers.  We look forward to seeing everyone as you come home to Arizona for winter; it’s sure to be beautiful!