Sweet Citrus Reminder

Summer is still here, we have more three digit forecasts this weekend! You still have time to do your Fall citrus fertilizing, so get this done before the month is over.  Heres some great information from www.azcitrus.com

“Citrus should be fertilized in February, May, and early October. The best fertilizer to use is one that says it is for fruit and nut trees right on the bag. You’ll have to read the instructions on the bag to determine how much to use, because they are all different. Typically its the amount you can hold in a closed hand for a small tree, up to 2 cups for a large tree.

You can take the same total amount of fertilizer recommended for three applications and split it up into nine applications for every month from February to October. Nine light regular applications promotes better tree growth, expecially for young trees.

Do not fertilize after October. It encourages the tree to start new tender growth during the winter when there is danger of frost.”

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